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Thanks to new designs and materials, modern
contact lenses are very affordable and comfortable.
They give you the freedom to see - and be seen -
without spectacles. They offer you excellent all round
vision and do not slide down your nose, mist up or
get in the way when you play sports.
44 Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AU
Tel: 0118 9472099

If you would like to enjoy the freedom of modern contact
lenses, just call us for an assessment. We will check
your wearing suitability, explain the different options
available, and offer you a contact lens service that gives
you clear and comfortable vision at an affordable price.

Our practice has a wide range of soft and rigid gas
permeable contact lenses. Although not everyone is
suitable to wear contact lenses, we are likely to have
a design that is right for you.